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Electron Microscopy Solutions
Using Time-Series Imaging for EOR, you can clearly see microporosity associated with clay and how spontaneous imbibition caused significant oil recovery.

Improved Recovery

Solutions to maximize production

Oil recovery processes involve the interplay of rock structure-fluids and thermodynamic- chemical interactions. The optimization of hydrocarbon recovery requires a clear understanding of both static and dynamic reservoir properties at all scales.

FEI can help operators design EOR programs with greater confidence by aiding the visualization and understanding of how the reservoir will react to flooding techniques and completions surfactants. Through proprietary 3D imaging workflows and our unique VoxelPerfect registration method, we can analyze and quantify the distribution of residual oil saturation and characterize wettability at the pore scale. When we couple these methods with our surface chemical analysis, we can identify key parameters for production and the underlying recovery mechanisms. This combination provides tremendous insight into how the completions and recovery programs will have the greatest impact on reservoir performance. This solution also helps mitigate the risk of using a method that may inadvertently cause formation damage.

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Using Wettability to Understand Log Response

Digital Rock Provides Predictive Insight to Oil Recovery

To understand the log data patterns in a discontinuous sandstone reservoir, Newfield Exploration engaged FEI's digital rock experts to conduct a pore-scale wettability study with a goal to optimize primary oil production as well as to increase secondary recovery from waterflooding. Understanding the nature and connectivity of the porosity system is a key first step to predicting waterflood performance. Read the full article to learn more about how digital rock improves log interpretation and provides insight to potential recovery scenarios by visually linking pore:fluid and pore:mineral associations to initial and residual hydrocarbon saturations.

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Field Flooding Solutions for EOR

Field Flooding Solutions for EOR helps operators reduce risk through understanding and modeling multiple studies and "what if" sensitivity scenarios that would be impossible in the laboratory. Examples include characterizing trapped oil distributions and predicting three phase flow experiments.

This emerging technology can complement traditional laboratory workflows and accelerate the evaluation of multiple production scenarios, improve decision-making, and maximize ultimate recovery from reservoirs. 

Displacement of oil before and after flooding with residual oil and water remaining.

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Plug Screening

Spending millions of dollars to design a core program deserves extra precautions to ensure quality results. Screening plugs and large samples at high-resolution using HeliScan helps reduce the risk of performing tests on contaminated or damaged plugs. FEI's process for plug screening helps you see microfractures and imperfections before you begin lab testing, which saves you time and money.

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