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Pore-scale flow model derived from Digital SCAL analysis that can then be upscaled to plug.

Reservoir Definition

Solutions for Improved Reservoir Mapping

Digital routine core analysis (RCA), digital special core analysis (SCAL), and pore network modeling provide valuable insights into reservoir health. Calculating static and dynamic rock and fluid properties helps refine the reservoir model and gives "ground truth" to indirect measurements.

The ability to reduce the time to data helps operators make critical decisions faster. Our team of geoscientists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers uses a multi-scale imaging process that begins with rocktyping at the whole core scale (cm), selecting representative plugs (µm) for imaging and flow modeling, and then calculating properties that take into consideration the fabric and mineralogy of the rock (nm). 

Featured Service

Designing a Digital Rock Lab

Creating a digital rock lab requires a major investment of resources: time, capital, personnel, and Big Data infrastructure. You will reduce risk and time to first data with the guidance of the industry's leading digital rock team, FEI, ensuring you are taking into consideration the proper space design, equipment needs, sample preparation requirements, and computing power to support your desired outcomes. With a portfolio of imaging systems and processing and visualization software that are able to seamlessly integrate to support qualitative and quantitative analysis, your lab will operate more efficiently and provide useful data to asset teams faster. In addition, a digital rock lab helps give meaning to traditional lab tests and affords a way to QC third-party measurements, conduct dynamic in-situ experiments, and generate meaningful values for economic decision-making.

Featured Workflow

Digital RCA and Digital SCAL

Our digital routine core analysis (RCA) and digital special core analysis (SCAL) workflows provide accurate petrophysical and fluid flow measurements at the pore scale that are rigorously upscaled to the plug honoring the governing physics.  This provides tremendous insight into what controls reservoir behavior and production. This approach gives rich meaning to reservoir characterization and improves predictability. Operators will have a better understanding of how much of the reservoir can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

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