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TopoMaps Software

Advanced visualization and analysis of SEM image data

TopoMaps Software is a dedicated image visualization, enhancement and analysis solution for Thermo Fisher Scientific Scanning Electron Microscopes and DualBeam systems. 

Optimize your images, reconstruct features and surfaces in 3D, perform advanced measurements and generate reports or export results to a variety of formats with a version of TopoMaps Software adapted for your applications.

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TopoMaps Image enables enhancement of the acquired images by optimizing brightness, contrast, gamma settings, and applying filters to reduce noise. It is possible to colorize images using automatic feature-based segmentation for better visualization and interpretation of the information and correlation to the data from other sources.


TopoMaps 3D  allows fast and easy 3D visualization of surfaces in addition to image enhancements and colorization. 3D reconstruction is done based on two images taken at different stage tilt, or three images acquired simultaneously with separate segments of the directional backscatter detector (DBS) in angular configuration, enabling tilt-free 3D surface reconstruction. Calculation of distances and slopes, extraction of object contours, as well as measurement of object dimensions, angles, areas and shapes is available.